Wednesday, February 13, 2013

MrB's Apps!

I have been asked numerous times lately for a list of apps, so here is a screen shot gallery of items in folders I organized on my iPad... at least the current configuration on the most used device:

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I love Chicktionary, and yes, it is educational! 

Elements is a must for Pysical & Chemistry. Wolfram Alfa will knock the socks off of any secondary science teacher! 

Ask my Granny, Stack the States is Top 10!! 

If you have never used SketchBook, try it now! 

If you want to learn another language or two, Duolingo is for you. Inupiat is one I want to recreate in Yup'ik, and Word Lens is stunning!!

My district is adopting Wonders, and these apps are just a drop in the bucket for what is offered by McGraw Hill. 

These are the teacher-facing apps...

Top Picks for Math = Math Ninja, Motion Math, Math Bingo, and Math Bumpies.

If you haven't seen what LYSD is doing on iTunesU, you are missing out. Download the app and click here.

I used to use Bump a lot, but I think everything is integrated well with email, dropbox, or drive now. Must have for literacy is iTalk. Must have. 

More science... what can I say, I love science. 

I love all of the apps shown here, but I am more excited about creating my own now. If you have never heard of QBooks start with WeAreAlaska and read the introduction. 

I keep all of my iPad apps seldom used here, no big deal... get a flashlight app is you are afraid of the dark. 

Our Choice is an exaple of the future of textbooks, even if you don't like the content... otherwise download my books from iTunesU.

Gotta have my Chrome. Enough said. 

One of my latest favorite apps is SMULE's AutoRap; just say anything and it will autotune and set it to a beat. If you like downloading videos you watch online, try out VDownlaoder

I gave up Skype on iPad for the most part in favor of Google+ because I can conference in other speakers and stream the whole meeting to YouTube!

If you just have to, Skype me, but I think FaceTime is a little beter. If you have a bridge or codec, check out RealPresence. 

PC Control is old-school iPod/iPhone, but I still use it a lot. Personal favorite is SplashTop. 

Spend the money... 

Storage is a must and I have several accounts in each dropbox and drive. (Not sure how MMA got in there)

Living in Alaska or the PacNW? You should get the Alaska Airlines app. You can check in, check flight status, and keep track of rewards.

Well that's about it, except for a minor discussion of docks. I can't tell you how many times people have said, "wow, you can change that?" when I alter their dock. I caution you to put those apps you truly use the most, not the ones you think you use or are the most proud of. It's all about utility!