Friday, February 15, 2013

(Making Your Own) iBooks in Education

The last post was an introduction to all the apps on my iPad at the moment, but after posting I thought of two things. First, quality, not quantity. I need to cut to the chase and explain my favorite, end of story. Second, finding the right app is difficult and the iTunes Store can sometimes be a little tricky. To help I just decided to take a snapshot of the app list on my finder. Hopefully the names will be easier for you to read and locate the apps on your own. 

Okay, then... drum roll... my favorite app is...
Book Creator by Red Jumper Studio

This app is one that truly redefines the way iPads are used in the classroom. I am referencing the SAMR Model, of course, in which an educator progresses from simply using one tool in place of another (substitution), to enhancing the lesson or strategies in which they teach (augmentation). Then a transformation takes place and a teacher truly modifies the lesson itself. The final step is creating something or doing an activity that was never before envisioned (redefinition). 

Beginning with a simple interface in which the user chooses a layout from three choices, this app then eases users into a self explanatory iBook builder. Watch this video and try it out for yourself.