Sunday, March 3, 2013

ASTE 2013 Summary

Mobile Me ~ Mobile You ~ Mobile Us

This year's ASTE was the best yet! I had more fun and learned more than ever before... Here are some of the notes and highlights from the sessions I attended.

Distance education

Engagement in online modality
No traditional constraints like years and I classes
Need writing in the traditional sense
Four types: credit recovery, Fast Track, Drop Ins, blended learning

Once a focus is identified educators can tailor the delivery of content and manage the means of communication. Without this focus, how can we truly meet the needs of distance learners.

iPad User Group

Cultural Integration - Native Language iBooks

Ya Ne Dah Ah School
100% Grad Rate; 60% work for village; no suicides; AYP; documentation
Jesse Carnahan

SMART Technologies

Byron public schools
Ian Fogarty (2010) Improving learning in small group collaboration
Extreme colaboration -- addition to notebook (very interesting, but difficulty in satellite internet systems)

Ipads in the Classroom - Robin Johnson

The clock app (turn iPad upside down distraction) - Great reading and writing tool.
Site words - kids learn site words app ( teacher created materials)
--write type and finger write on ipad
Reading Mastery as a "partner" (partner is the iPad)
--iTalk sync & iTalk
Record retell; save recordings for parents; parent sibling record for students; homework
Nome's iPad Wiki -

iOS Education Deployment and Management

MDM Options:

Apple TV 5.1 - Mass Configutration through Configurator
Guided Access - 3 click to lock down
Application Locks: app store iTunes Music, Photo Stream
Device Function - Game Center...
MDM - Profiler and part of OS
Reports on battery, app versions, ect..
Select or wipe and device wipe
Remote lock
Configurator - Back up and restore, institution redeem codes
Supervise devices for mobile web filtering, profile installs, MDM super imposed
Ownership Items
personal Apple ID - Simplest model
Layer Ownership - buy stuff for kid, layer inst. owned, layer of personal
iOS 6 Deployment model guide