Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ASTE Board Membership

In all my years as an educator, first in Louisiana and now eight years in Alaska, I have never been so excited by the future of education. I see the horizon racing toward us as communication on every level changes almost constantly. The classroom walls we once knew are falling away and the rows of desks are becoming antiquated with individualized instruction. 

This shift is where my heart is and where I feel I could be most impactful, helpful, and successful. I see no group or organization more in tune with the future as I see it than the Alaska Society for Technology in Education. 

In my career as a teacher in Alaska, the highlight of my school year was the trip to Anchorage to learn and network with the finest educators from around the state. I cherished the opportunity to show off my students’ work and our mutual successes in multimedia rich content and online learning endeavors. I was so happy to run around the Cook taping power strips and setting up projectors and speakers! Later, as a consultant, I saw myself through the lens of a vendor and professional presenter. I saw the dedication and hard work that was involved in the planning and organization of the event itself. Now an administrator, I see the leadership potential and the vision ASTE shares with the state and nation’s most effective educational technologists.

This is all to say that my deepest honor as an Alaskan educator would be to serve on the board of such a prestigious organization. I am proud to share with you now that I am on the ASTE Board and look forward to working for you in any capacity you see fit. Thank you to all who have shared their knowledge with me freely, to those that coached me along the way, and to those that encouraged me to pursue this position.