Thursday, September 13, 2012

Android Tablets in Education

I am working on Galaxy Tablets now that I have given away all five of the iPads I have access to, including personal ones! I don't mind, of course; I am happy to do it. I love teachers and I love evangelizing for classroom technology. 

The bad news is I have to learn all about Android OSs, dozens of manufacturers, and alternatives to the App Store. I just spent $300 on Apple apps last year to make my iPad(s) the baddest on the block and now I guess I have to do the same in the Play Store. Where do I start though!? 

I found a few good sites, but overall I am much more impressed with the iTunes Store... 
The fields of Technology and Education have a lot in common. Both require research, time, and money to perfect. Both are open to interpretation and both have more than one way of finding "success." To be truly objective and to really know 100% for sure what the BEST (Whatever) is, you have to try it all.

 Well here goes nothing right? 

In case you need a good chuckle, here is a comic from one of my favorite time wasting websites: