Thursday, June 7, 2012

Social Media

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This is a board report I prepared for a meeting this week. I thought I would share it for informational purposes to LYSD employees and anyone else interested...

Social Media
in the Lower Yukon School District

  •       Technology Dept maintains the content currently

  •      Currently there is a YouTube channel, Google Plus account, Facebook Page.

  • All content is posted and managed within the LYSD filtering protocols between 8am and 5pm.

  • Social media is not a fad or a waste of time. If students (and everyone else for that matter) are engaged by it’s use, then we should capitalize on it!

·      NETS (National Educational Technology Standards)
·      CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act)
·      District Technology Plan must include it

“Elevator Speech”
·      External – Not to be confused with the SMT; After hours
·      Meaningful - Not “just for fun”; community related events, photos, etc…
·      Educational – Not yet…

 Playlists include various topics:
o   Teacher Testimonials
o   Information about the district
o   Old recruiting videos
o   Training videos
YouTube EDU is content filtered and automatically rerouted
User account is controlled by Google user: Anica Azachorok

What are other organizations doing with social media?